Thursday, 27 September 2012

You're not finished when you lose, you're finished when you quit

What do you think about these amazing athletes?
What personal traits does it take to be a winner like them?
Is it a matter of circumstance or what do you think it depends on?

Write  a comment about your ideas and a story of someone you think is a winner against all odds


Elpida Dev said...

I really admire people that do the things they want, even if they have health problems. They can do everything, because they just don't give up. Well, I decided to write about the athlet Oscar Pistorius, because I really liked his story!!! Oscar Pistorius is a-without-legs athlet. Born without a fibula in both legs, doctors had to amputate him at the age of one.
But soon he wants to start doing sports. Pistorius uses curved blades specifically designed for racing. His attribution at sports is absolutely cuccessful. His nickname is «Blade Runner», the man with the blades. Owns five medals, four gold, including those of the Paralympic Games and a silver medal from the championship which took place in South Africa, in 2007.
This man is a great example for every athlet, or just a person who wants to success and be an idol!!!

elisavet said...

I think those athletes are better than the other because they have a health problem and they train hardly.You need to make a seriously effort like dependes on courage,will and power.

Winners Education said...

I couldn't agree more with you Elisabeth! These athletes need to have even more courage, will and physical strength than everyone else in order to make a serious effort and keep training hard!
Who's a person you admire (athlete or other) for never never giving up?

Winners Education said...

You're so right, Elpida! These amazing people can do anything because they just don't give up! Oscar Pistorius is amazing, isn't he? He wants to succeed and goes relentlessly after his goal! Did you know that in the 2012 London Olympics he demanded to run along able-bodied athletes and was allowed to?

Chris Paps said...

When I look these people I feel lucky because I can't imagine their life.Many people are paralyzers but these special people are very brave to do those things.We haven't to regret them but to congratulate them.Thanasis Mparakas was born in germany.But he was blind and he couldn't see.He love very much long jump.His coaches admired them very much because he had very long jump.He went to paralympics games to Sydney in 2000 and he won the first place.Imagine how want to get this medal and he did it with the first try.His mum was very proud of him.And the next games were good because often came third.

Winners Education said...

Of course you're right Chris. When we look at these people we can but feel lucky! We have to congratulate them instead of feeling sorry for them! Thanassis Mparakas is amazing, a role model indeed! He's never allowed his disability to get in his way because he loves what he does and that's how he ended up being a first medallist in the Paralympic games!

Winners Education said...

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Thanasis Erm said...

I think that paraolympic athletss is some people we all should admire because they have the courage to keep on their live even if their paralyzed.One para olympic athlet I admire is Chris Hoy. Heres his story: Chris Hoy is Scotland’s most successful Olympian. Chris is a multiple world champion in track cycling. He won his first gold medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004 and went on to win three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. This achievement made him the most successful Olympic man cyclist of all time

Winners Education said...

Glad to see you understand natural English so well, Tom!
Remember that we need to improve our written language as well.
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