Tuesday, 25 September 2012

As fluent as it gets...

As learners of English, we often find ourselves struggling to improve our speaking skills and accent.
Here's one way a speaker tried ... and made his listeners laugh...

So, if transating from the mother tongue doesn't help much, what does?

Singing is also a GREAT way to improve speed, accent AND vocabulary, so let's sing one
of your choices!

Practice at home and learn to sing it fluently. 
Write a comment with the songs you choose to sing in class



·         Read the task & the title to get an idea of what the text is about.
·         Read the questions only. Underline the key words.
·         Scan the text to spot the answer. Underline it in the text.
·         THEN read the distuctors to see which matches your answer.

►The questions follow the order of the text in FCE and ESB but not in ECCE
► Do not choose an option because it contains a word of of the  
                   text. The correct choices will be in the form of a synonym


anonymous said...

pumpin-lucky man project and mamacita buena-claydee

elisavet said...

big time rush:windows down,elevate ,worldwide,famous,the city is ours,time of our life

Danah said...

I love music so much! Everyday I’m watching videos at YouTube. These are some of my favorite songs: “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, “We’ll be alright” by Travie McCoy, and “Glad you came” by The wanted :)

giannhs patsakos said...

I love music. I listen it all the day and sometimes and nights! I lecture 3 of my favorite songs:
1.Scorpions-wind of change
2.30 Seconds To Mars-closer to the edge
3.Red Hot Chili Peppers-Snow[Hey oh]

Winners Education said...

Hi Anonymous, we're really glad to see you here. Could you please explain what you mean above and tell us your name?

Winners Education said...

Hi Elisavet, it's great you made it into your class blog! Could you please explain what you mean with this post? In Enlish we write names and titles with capital letters.

Winners Education said...

Hi Danae, doesn't it feel great when your efforts are rewarded!!! So you watch videos on Youtube everyday! That's really good practice, not to mention great fun! We'll soon sing one of your favs in class!

Winners Education said...

Hi John, I'm glad to see you made it to your class blog! It's really very helpful to listen to English songs all day. What do you mean when you say you listen to music at night too? Thanks for sharing your favourite songs with us!