Saturday, 25 October 2014

Winners Education shares a Writing Project with Newtown Middle School, PA, USA

How much more meaningful it is when our writing has a real audience and we are given helpful tips by native speakers of English!

So, our school collaborates with the Newtown Middle School to create an out-of-this-world writing project!

Mr McNulty, the American IT teacher  has set up Google Docs for us to write our essays on here:

This is how we'll share our projects:

  1. Create a Google account (email and Google+)
  2. Log in the above page with your Google profile
  3. Click on the link above to see all the group links
  4. Click on your Group link according to the following list
  5. Write your project. Remember to sign off with your first name
  6. Newtown High students will correct and comment on the writing according to the model
  7. Winners Education students, keep logging in to see all comments to your work
  8. Print the document and stick it to your Essay notebook for further reference
  9. Meet your online partners face-to-face in our next Hangout!!!
We will form 8 GROUPS made up of 1 student of the Greek team and some students from the US team.
Greek students in each group:
Group 1: Anastasia
Group 2: Fotini
Group 3: Harry
Group 4: Hercules
Group 5  Jim Z
Group 6: Jim K
Group 7: Johanna
Group 8: Konstantinos  


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