Thursday, 27 September 2012

You're not finished when you lose, you're finished when you quit

What do you think about these amazing athletes?
What personal traits does it take to be a winner like them?
Is it a matter of circumstance or what do you think it depends on?

Write  a comment about your ideas and a story of someone you think is a winner against all odds

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

As fluent as it gets...

As learners of English, we often find ourselves struggling to improve our speaking skills and accent.
Here's one way a speaker tried ... and made his listeners laugh...

So, if transating from the mother tongue doesn't help much, what does?

Singing is also a GREAT way to improve speed, accent AND vocabulary, so let's sing one
of your choices!

Practice at home and learn to sing it fluently. 
Write a comment with the songs you choose to sing in class



·         Read the task & the title to get an idea of what the text is about.
·         Read the questions only. Underline the key words.
·         Scan the text to spot the answer. Underline it in the text.
·         THEN read the distuctors to see which matches your answer.

►The questions follow the order of the text in FCE and ESB but not in ECCE
► Do not choose an option because it contains a word of of the  
                   text. The correct choices will be in the form of a synonym

Monday, 24 September 2012

Successful Listening Tips

All English learners agree that English is much easier written than heard and for many
listening is a struggle.
Well, here's the good news. You've already learned to understand one language, your nativew tongue, so you're definitely able to learn one more!
Here's a video to help you with improving your listening skills. We'll be having a lot of speaking and listening practice this year, so let's started!

Now watch this story and write a comment on what YOU think happened.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The 3 Rs!


Fluency in any language just takes .... practice.
Watch the video again and find 5 expressions without make / do!

We speak in class to improve our communication skills
...and practice at home to become more fluent...
Youtube videos and songs are great ways to do that!

Write a comment to share  up to 10 songs you want to sing in class this year!

Successful Reading Techniques

Helen Keller - An Amazing Fighter for life!

Tackling the READING PART -Multiple matching

Tests: ability to read for the main point of the paragraph
  • Read the task & the title to get an idea of what the text is about.
  • Go through the headings underlining the key words.
  • Read the text paragraph by paragraph .
  • Match the headings as you go. Look for synonyms of the heading words or ideas in the text.
Look for synonyms or explanations of the key words! The exact same words are usually a trap!
Change your mind if you feel a heading fits better in a later paragraph. 

and  simply remember: Δεν θέλει κόπο, θέλει τρόπο!

Create a Voki and post the code here as a comment

Each one of us is UNIQUE and we learn in completely different ways...
School practice should reflect and cover our needs....

It's essential to LEARN HOW TO LEARN so that we are the learners BEST we can!
Visual learners
 are those who learn through seeing things. Look over the characteristics below to see if they sound familiar. A visual learner:
  • Is good at spelling but forgets names.
  • Needs quiet study time.
  • Has to think awhile before understanding lecture.
  • Is good at spelling.
  • Likes colors & fashion.
  • Dreams in color.
  • Understands/likes charts.
  • Is good with sign language.
Auditory learners are those who learn best through hearing things. Look over these traits to see if they sound familiar to you. You may be an auditory learner if you are someone who:
  • Likes to read to self out loud.
  • Is not afraid to speak in class.
  • Likes oral reports.
  • Is good at explaining.
  • Remembers names.
  • Notices sound effects in movies.
  • Enjoys music.
  • Is good at grammar and foreign language.
  • Reads slowly.
  • Follows spoken directions well.
  • Can't keep quiet for long periods.
  • Enjoys acting, being on stage.
  • Is good in study groups.

Kinesthetic learners are those who learn through experiencing/doing things. Look over these traits to see if they sound familiar to you. You may be a kinesthetic learner if you are someone who:

  • Is good at sports.
  • Can't sit still for long.
  • Is not great at spelling.
  • Does not have great handwriting.
  • Likes science lab.
  • Studies with loud music on.
  • Likes adventure books, movies.
  • Likes role playing.
  • Takes breaks when studying.
  • Builds models.
  • Is involved in martial arts, dance.
  • Is fidgety during lectures.

So, let's find out how WE learn and BOOST our learning techniques!!!
Take the quiz here to find out!

Then decide which of the STUDY TIPS in this article YOU are going to use to improve your learning!
Write your ideas as a comment.