Monday, 22 January 2018

The Write Right Project

What a great opportunity, to be able to discuss daily issues of great importance with partners from around the globe! What a great way to become Citizens of the World!

This time we collaborate with our partner school in USA for a writing project.
I know you are womdering: How can we write collaboratively? Well, there's no limit to what creative minds -with a little help of modern technology- can do! 

1. Log in this link

2. Click on your number
1. Michael
2. Diana
3. Eva
4. Marianna
5. Deppy
6. Spryros
7. Tony
8. Dimitra

26. Prokopis
27. Athena
28. Margaret
29. Joanna
30. Christina
31. Alex

3. Write your essay on the subject:
Research shows that doing random acts of kindness considerably raises happiness levels in people of all ages. Why do you think this is? What such acts have you done or are planning to do in the future?

4. Connect with the document while in class and see LIVE as your partners in USA are editing your work and helping you improve with real life language!

Group 36 - Spyros
Group 37 - Tony
Group 38- Dimitra
Group 39 - Mariana
Group 40 - Diana
Group 41- Deppy
Group 42 - Eva
Group 43 - Michael

Group 44 - Alex
Group 45 - Christine
Group 46 - Margaret
Group 57 - Joanna
Group 58 - Prokopis
Group 59 - Athina

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