Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Winners Education shares a Writing Project with Newtown Middle School, PA, USA

Mr McNulty, the Tech teacher at Newtown Middle School has set up Google Docs for us to write our essays on here: http://www.crsd.org/Page/37407

This is how we'll share our essays.
-Create a google account (email and Google+)
-Log in the above page
-We will form 12 GROUPS made up of  a studet of the Greek team and some students from the US team.
Greek students in each group:
Group 1: Ellie 
Group 2:  Flora
Group 3:  Rafaella
Group 4:  Aldo 
Group 5   Dimos 
Group 6:   John 
Group 7:   Manos
Group 8:   Panos 
Group 9:  Simon 
Group 10: Stamatis
Group 11: Thalis
Group 12: Theo 

-Winners Education students: Write your essay in your GROUP doc.
The subject of the essay is:
What factors can cause teenagers to behave badly?
How can parents deal with teenagers who often get in trouble?
Write an essay giving your opinions and explaining your views.
REMEMBER to folow the guide in your class blog
-Newtown Middle High students: Correct and mark the essay according to the guide above


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