Monday, 3 December 2012

Today we'll talk about shopping. Have you ever gone on a shopping spree?

Teenage shopping habits are commonly stereotyped on television and in the media, but not as often examined intensely. Every teen is thought to love shopping for clothes and spending money at the mall as frequently as possible, but is this actually true? Do teens actually enjoy shopping more than other age groups, or is this just a misconception? There are numerous teenage shopping habits that, as a teen, learning more about can help you on your next trip to the mall!

Let's read this article to find out what research has to say! 

... and here's an all time classic. Let's sing to it!

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Anonymous said...

This year i want to hear a lot of songs in my class (B2)like: it's my life-Bon Jovi
linin' on a prayer-Bon Jovi
light a fire-Doors