Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Winners Education shares a Writing Project with Newtown Middle School, PA, USA

Mr McNulty, the Tech teacher at Newtown Middle School has set up Google Docs for us to write our essays on here: http://www.crsd.org/Page/37407

This is how we'll share our essays.
-Create a google account (email and Google+)
-Log in the above page
-We will form 12 GROUPS made up of  a studet of the Greek team and some students from the US team.
Greek students in each group:
Group 1: Ellie 
Group 2:  Flora
Group 3:  Rafaella
Group 4:  Aldo 
Group 5   Dimos 
Group 6:   John 
Group 7:   Manos
Group 8:   Panos 
Group 9:  Simon 
Group 10: Stamatis
Group 11: Thalis
Group 12: Theo 

-Winners Education students: Write your essay in your GROUP doc.
The subject of the essay is:
What factors can cause teenagers to behave badly?
How can parents deal with teenagers who often get in trouble?
Write an essay giving your opinions and explaining your views.
REMEMBER to folow the guide in your class blog
-Newtown Middle High students: Correct and mark the essay according to the guide above


Monday, 18 November 2013

Write Away!

Today we are discussing ECCE witing

ELI, the institute organising the exams has issued these guidelines to
point candidates to the right direction.

In order for candidates to receive at least a Low Pass (LP) on the ECCE Writing Section, they need to be able to do the following (Level C descriptors on the ELI-UM Scoring Scale):
• adequately develop an argument (content and development)
• convey their ideas clearly, which should be adequately organized, using standard connectors appropriately
though somewhat mechanically (organization and connection of ideas)
• use a sufficient range of grammar and vocabulary to fulfill the task though they may make errors in
grammar or vocabulary that do not interfere with reader’s comprehension (linguistic range and control)
• display an adequate sense of audience and purpose for writing, generally allowing the reader to follow
their text (communicative effect)

As you follow this process, your letters/ essays will become better and better:
STEP 1: LETTER: Understanding the prompt
             -read it carefully
             - underline key language in order to ensure thorough understanding
             -tell your partner in your own words what the prompt is about

            ESSAY:  Understanding the essay task:
            -read the essay task (Task B) and
            -underline key language.
            -think about what the task is asking you
            -explain it in your own words
(e.g. to decide whether students should be allowed
to give gifts to teachers, or to decide whether they would use their own car or take public
transportation to get to their school or workplace, or to decide whether public and private
resources should be used to support development in locations where natural disasters could
occur, etc.).

STEP 3: Understanding the focus question and brainstorming on the topic:
           -brainstorm on how you would answer it.
          -elicit ideas, suggestions, arguments and examples

STEP 4: Eliciting and/or providing topic-related vocabulary:

STEP 5: Brainstorming on how to organize the letter or essay and creating an outline

STEP 6: Organizing ideas within each paragraph


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Design a website and strike GOLD!

Our group in Edmoo  for this year is GVC1314.
Here's our teams URL:   https://edmo.do/j/7vrixv
and code:  fhr9sa

Join Edmodo and become members of the team
Then introduce yourselves as you can see other members of the team doing
Ready, set, we are ready to go!

We are NASA collaborators!

As we speak the Internatiomnal Space Station is in orbit!
Our school has been given permission to ask the Station to take photos of the Earth for us!
Which place of the planet would you like to take a picture of?

Here's what you do to take YOUR photos
1. Log in the EarthKam website

2. Login under MISSION LOGIN using "winners" as username and "hFfqgGiJ" as password

3. In the next page click on "Image Request"

4. Chose the orbit that goes over the Earth spot you want to take a picture of.
The orbits for November 14th are Orbits 1806-1820.
The first orbit deadline is: Orbit 1806 at 16:49:46 GMT
The last orbit deadline is: Orbit 1810- 1820 at 23:00:00 GMT

The orbits for November 15th are Orbits 1821-1838.
The first orbit deadline is: Orbit 1821 at 16:03:23 GMT
The last orbit deadline is: Orbit 1826-1838 at 23:00:00 GMT

5. Place the red marker on the spot of the map that you want to photograph and click submit
(Remember to chose a RED orbit that shows where the International Space Station will be during daylight.
All the information you need for step 7 appears on the screen. Click "Submit"

6. In the next screen enter one of your codewords.

7. Fill in the information from th previous page.
Remember to give your photo the name "winners+your name"

*. Click "Submit" and ISS is at YOUR service!
Your photo will appear in the Gallery section as soon as it's taken!

Grab your codes and take your camera with you!

The Broken Telephone

There are 3 changes in Indirect Speech:
1. reference words

2. Tenses

3.Word Order in questions
 a. Yes/No questions

b. Wh- questions

How ...well-broken is YOUR telephone?
Let's practice here
Summative Assessment here

Thursday, 7 November 2013

HANGOUT with a NASA Scientist!

How much do you know about dinosaurs?
Can you answer these questions?
Today we are going to learn facts about them and how they disappeared from an expert.We will Hangout with NASA Scientist Jim Adams who will speak on Asteroids and Dinosaurs.
Adams is one of NASA's brilliant minds and is responsible for the development of several key technologies including Ion Propulsion, Radioisotope Power Systems and P-238 production strategies. He also serves as the Deputy Director of the Planetary Science Division, overseeing the Discovery, New Frontiers, Lunar Science and Mars programs

Here's the video of the Hangout we had in Google+ today!