Monday, 5 October 2015

Could you tell me what the ISS is?

So what is life like in the ISs?
Let's find out in NASA's website!

Study the rules for Indirect questions here
and do the activities that follow.

Study the rules for the use of "the" here
and do activities: The article(2) /1st activity (up to number 11)
                            The article(3)/ 1st activity

George has contributed another song,
Let's play with it in LyricsTraining
ans sing it 


Anonymous said...
please can we listen to this song next time ?

Anonymous said...

immortal fall out booys

Anonymous said...

I watched video number 2 and it talked about the people in space are staying in shape and how they are working out!Also,it talks about their uniforms,and how they wear them and move with them etc.