Monday, 29 September 2014

Who are you going to be?


Today we're going to review how to talk about the future.
Fist, study these tutorials

Future Continous/ Future Perfect in this video

Now, you can practise doing activities
1. mixed future tenses (beginner)
2. mixed future tenses (advanced)

Now, A song to practise the future tense

Here is a song by the Black Eyed Peas to practise the future tense and your pronunciation.
First, listen to the song and pay attention to the lyrics

Activity 1: Now go to the lyricstraining website to fill in the blanks in the song lyrics:
Activity 2: Finally, go to the Black Eyed Peas official website. Find the latest news about them and write about them in a comment to this post. You can also include your opinion about this band, your favourite songs, etc.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

All about us!

Anastasia P.

Anonymous said...
Hi! My name is Konstantinos Lianos and I am 13 years old.I'm usually shy and and patient but sometimes
I can be very selfish.I love music
and sports like tennis and basketball and I also like watching movies.

Monday, 22 September 2014

We are learners who LOVE a good challenge!

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Relative clauses - defining or non-defining? Write your answers (a or b) as a comment to this post

Study the situations and then decide whether the following relative clauses are defining or non-defining.
defining (necessary)– no commas
non-defining (not necessary) – commas
  1. I have three brothers.

  2. I have one sister.

  3. Bob's mum has lost her keys.

  4. My friend Jane moved to Canada.

  5. I am a shoe fanatic.

  6. Mr Robinson is very famous.

  7. Tamara has two cats. Both of them are black.

  8. Kevin has four cats. Two of them are black.

  9. We are on holiday. Yesterday we visited a church.

  10. We are on holiday. Yesterday we visited a church.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our class RULES!

All about ME!

We, B2 class, decide..... Rule no 1
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Today, we will look at Past Tenses
WATCH THE VIDEOS and tutorials and then do the activities here and here

The fastest guy gets to listen to his choice today!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Live or leave


In  the previous class we discussed that YOU are in the epicentre this year! So let's talk about... you!
 What do you want the team to know about you?
What are your hobbies, favourite bands, songs, holiday places, cartoon heroes, or anything else you want to share.
YOU chose how to present yourself in a FUN way! Here are a few ideas and of course you are free to use any other way you want!
  1. Create a Pinterest board with 10 pins that summarize them.
  2. Create a 30 second podcast that introduces themselves. Then you can present them or play them on separate devices in class as an audio gallery.
  3. Write a blog post in the classroom blog  introducing yourself to the rest of the classroom.
  4. Create a quick comic strip to describe yourself or to recreate a recent funny moment in your life.
  5. Create a word cloud to describe yourself and share with the rest of the class.
  6. Create your own Voki avatar that introduces yourself to the class. It's going to be even funnier when you are creative with the backgrounds, characters and details of the avatar to reflect your own personality and preferences.
  7. Create a graffiti online  that speaks to your interests and personality and share with the class.
  8. Create mashup videos of yourself with Weavly to introduce their interests to the class.
  9. Create a Google map of 5 places you have visited and share with the class
  10. Research your birth date in history and share interesting events with the class.

Friday, 12 September 2014


Hi everyone.
What does this mean?
Well, it means a lot of different things:
-We'll be covering our individual needs. Here's an online test to find out what your 
own learning channels are!
-We'll be learning in each one's own pace.
-We will be responsible for our own learning, progress and success!
-We will get to recognise and develop our character strengths so as to become happier more successful people 
The teachers will be our facilitators, there to encourage and guide each and everyone of us to reach our full potential!

This year we are going to FLIP OUR CLASSROOM!
What does it mean?
It means that instead of the teacher lecturing you with things you may already know, we'll be using this blog to studyAT HOME BEFORE we come in class.
We'll also be doing some initial exercises at home to check our understanding.
In this way our class time can be used much more effectively to PRACTICE what we've learnt
in a fun way, instead of old, boring repetition of teacher staff!!!

So here comes our first aim: REVISION of PRESENT TENSES!
Watch these tutorials and THEN do the activities in the handouts given to you in class.
Note down anything that is a challenge to you so that we can discuss it in class.

Now, you are ready to go on with the hanout you were given in class.
Practise online here 

We want to have fun while learning, so we are also going to listen to the songs you chose.
If you want your songs to be heard, write a list of your favourite ones as a conment to this post.

Here's the first one of a band I like a lot. Let's sing it together!