Monday, 19 September 2016

How much fun to perfect my English!

Me, myself and I- Jacob

Flipped Classroom 

1. Practice

3. I can't stop looking for new exciting ideas for our class!
So, here's our flipped class for today...
What do you know about Halloween?
How about atching this video to learn more
and brush up on your infnitive-gerund knowledge.

You can also study the tutorial here,
paying special attention to Part 2 and 3.
Practice with a choice of activities:
One out of 11-13
One of 14 or 15
One out of 17-10
PART 3 (Remember to pay special attention to this part's theory!)
Activities 22, 26

Your first choices have arrived!
Here's George's song for today

Find the lyrics here
and play around at home ...

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